Letra de Ancient spirit of the underworld

Carpathian Forest

Letra de Ancient spirit of the underworld de Carpathian Forest
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( Carpathian Forest )

Overhead the thunder cracked and roared
and when it ceased the deathlike silence
chilled my marrow and bones
the need to feel dead was killing him
Like death itself
evil is found in the earliest
oldest and the most dreadful
memories of humanity
eternally feared by gods primitive men
Pale visions, death-pale they were all
still cursed, haunted and alone
killing woman, children and men
sparing neither age nor sex
A place where reality is worthless
and all you want is to be left alone
they grind the land like corn
showing no mercy
spilling the blood like rain
devouring their flesh and sucking
dry their veins...
The undead leaves their graves
in misty transformations
you see half-visible bodies
floating through the night
the ancient spirits of the underworld
[repeat verse 1]
All the trees were lifeless and dead
and there were no birds singing
the reign of man is over
drained for all its powers
He saw their starving lips shake
with a horrid grin gaped wide
and the corpse lies on the cold hill side
his spirit is carried away
by the northwinds into eternity