Letra de The fall

Caroline Lavelle

Letra de The fall de Caroline Lavelle
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( Caroline Lavelle )

I found the fall beguiling
my body hanging in the rushing air
but when my daylight had shrunk
I whised to all life that I wasn't there.

I tried to make a joke.
And to my shame was answered by
a hundred ragged voices who spoke;
you get used to it,
we did you get used to it, we did.

And sure enough my sight returned
so many crowded the walls
some even getting near the top and
fighting for a new foothold
there was no way up that I could see
no light and no ladders,
but I believed in the dice and snakes cos
I was at the bottom sadder.

You get used to it,
they did
you get used to it,
they did.

And down would come the gentlemen
to do their good each day
and talk to me with softened voices protected
by their suits if grey
and they would give me presents if
I wanted them or no so
I could make more sense of all
the stupid things that
I 'd let show.

You get used to it,
they did.
You get used to ir,
they did.