Letra de Move lightly

Carole King

Letra de Move lightly de Carole King
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( Carole King )

Why don't you move lightly
why don't you move lightly
that's your heart you're dealing with
that's your head you're messin' around with
why don't you move lightly
let it all work out now, just let go
pretty soon you're gonna know what you wanna know
why don't you walk softly
you ought to walk softly
that's a hard and heavy foot
you've been usin' to put yourself down
why don't you walk softly
if you win the world and lose your soul
what good will it do you--love don't come from gold
why don't you drift easy--why don't you drift easy
if there's something you're still after
are you sure you're gonna like the way it'll make you feel
well i won't worry 'cause i know you'll find
your own way, in your own time, and i'm easy
and i'm gonna move lightly