Letra de Computer eyes

Carole King

Letra de Computer eyes de Carole King
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( Carole King )

Computer eyes--it hurts to tell you i don't really want you
but i know if i leave you, it won't really grieve you
'cause y'really don't have a soul to haunt you
Computer eyes--you made me happy for a while but now i'm going
the coldness that you show me tells me you don't know me
and that leaves our love so little room for growing
Don't want to program making love
i like it real and with feeling
and every time y'say you love or you're thinking of me
it's like i kind of get the feeling that i'm stealing
Computer eyes--i must have been crazy to ever try you
y'see, i'm just a human being, and i don't like what i'm seeing
so you're gonna have to find another computer eyes to lie to
Computer eyes--you're gonna have to learn to cry