Letra de Chalice borealis

Carole King

Letra de Chalice borealis de Carole King
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( Carole King )

Chalice borealis, lighting up the night
no wonderland for alice--she don't have the right
chalice borealis--how does your garden glow
molly don't work in dallas
but the river has to go
Oh, whatcha gonna do when time runs out on you
run down, ghost town
barren pastures all around
How y'gonna explain it to your grandkids
where did the mountain go
how y'gonna tell them you sold it
where did the mountain go
Didn't turn out quite the way y'wanted
how were you to know
boom town broke down--what a let down
where did the mountain go
Chalice borealis--will you ever learn
your mother bears you no malice
but she will have her turn
Chalice borealis--lighting up the sky
no wonderland for alice
she's just passin' by, passin' by