Letra de Ruptured in purulence


Letra de Ruptured in purulence de Carcass
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( Carcass )

Miasmic fungus infests the small intestine
vitriolic juices burn through the stomach wall
bursting carcinosis as chylase melts your guts
crepitating neoplasm erupts with gore...
Maturating boils, the canker emmenagogic
grume decays to a frothing sludge
dermatital pustules suppurate with cancer
caustic sepsis coagulates the blood...
Necrolytic digestion, rancid plasma is released
automaceration of the carcass incites pyogenesis
globular tissue decomposed, hydrogen sulphide is evolved
reek of putrefaction secreted by necrotrophic mould...
Excrete and disgorge the festering pus
as your skin erupts with corrosive decay
urticaria vents infested sanies
slime from burst ulcers spurts and sprays...
The innards decompose, putrify to jelly
the dermis ruptures with sialagogic cruor
green putrified offal explodes with the discharge
bubbling viscera is splattered over the floor...
Visceral organs infested by rampant hungry larvae
gnawing tattered giblets as sanies solidifies
enterisis dissolves the gut, self-digestion is undergone
autolysis of body tissue, enzymes macerate the bones...
[solo: smeared organic mess]
...tumours erupt
...with infestation of grubs
...ulcerous carrion maturates
...as the bacteria vitiates
...tumours erupt
...with infestation of grubs
...effervescing core
...cankerous corpse