Letra de Splattered cavities


Letra de Splattered cavities de Carcass
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( Carcass )

Erupted thoracic savies - serum, pus and offal
perspiring ulcerous chancre - splattered on your wall
necro-cellular lesions - the stench of staining scabs
scraped up by medics, and wrapped in plastic bags
Exploding pus and bile, abdominal saliva sprays
coughing out your intestines, and rubbing them in your face
carbuncles oozing sanguous, mortified entrails and rot
pieced together for autopsy, in your wooden box
Frantic pelvic gut-wrench
splattered guts and gore
seeping disembowelment
mopped up off the floor
Pelvic insides now rest in your perineum
splattered gore seeping from your orifices like hot sebum
Pancreatic juices
internal digestive mess
acidic dripping spittle
and squelching moist flesh
Pulverized thoracic cavity
your rib-cage is snapped
rupturing internal organs
crushed in your diaphragm
your lungs are collapsed
as your abdominal cavity is splattered
terminal back-ache paralysing
as your spine is shattered