Letra de Oxidised razor masticator


Letra de Oxidised razor masticator de Carcass
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( Carcass )

Chomping and splicing, your gums sliced to shreds
tattered bloody ribbons, incisored skin is shred
scraping on sore teeth, cracking and chipping
shredding and mincing raw nerve endings
Salivating - sanguis, phlegm, froth and foam
masticating - your mandible stripped to the bone
Mangling your tongue, bloody torn and dripping
the swollen savage muscle frayed and blistering
your vocal chords severed, your lips are mutilated
masticating carved palate as your mouth is grated
Only raw gargles croak from your throat
a trickling death-rasp as you choke
a silly grin carved from ear to ear
spurting mucus and tongue as your wind-pipe tears
Gaping and sore
the rusty razors bore
skin hangs and seeps
peptic ulcers bleed
Your mouth is a sea of cartilage, rabid saliva bleeds
swallowing shredded tongue and pulverized, crunching teeth
respirating a bolus of rusty razor blades
asphyxiating bloody garotte, tearing your jugular vein