Letra de Cadaveric incubator of endoparasites


Letra de Cadaveric incubator of endoparasites de Carcass
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( Carcass )

The inset of rigor mortis, ulcerous corruption and decay
saponified fats lather as soap as you slowly eat yourself away...
Organs savaged by rotten enzymes, rennin and rancorous cysts
a festering abcess immersed in ravenous autolysis...
Breaking down of dead tissue fuels methane gases
a smouldering human compost-heap of self-digesting haemorrhage...
emulsifying carnage, your purpulent torso is mummified
a mortified, marbled feast for drooling parasites...
Your lungs consumed in gore, slime and worm encrusted
brittle testes eroded in hot, corrosive succus
adhering to the bone, tissue necrosis a maggot feast
a cadaveric crematorium, gaseos spumescence leaks...
[solo: parasitic flesh resection]
[solo: matted fungus, spawn, eggs, bacteria, germs, mould and meat]
Your rump sustaining hostile organisms
- mould, eggs and larvae
peptonized spleen, liver and kidneys
- a wasting, degenerate slime
septicemic mutation
- of rancid meat and writhing life
psychedelic, pustular platter of gunge
- come and take a bite...
Dormant fungoid growths
on the smarting human host
come bathe, cleanse and wash
with livor mortis and dry rot...
...lice and ticks...
Flesh matted with hatching spawn
endo-parasites incubate in the warmth
mortician's implements to tap and bleed
the swarming insects seed...
...lice and ticks...expel bloody sick...
Leathery skin bubbles as blue-bottles hatch
maggot infestation turns the rotting corpse black...
Slushy bowels move as our friends squirm
flatulent belches-dry, festered and warm...