Letra de Carbonized eyesockets


Letra de Carbonized eyesockets de Carcass
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( Carcass )

The pungent aroma of hot, bubbling, molten gristle
blends with the stench of hot, singeing flesh soldered to liquid muscle.
as the cornea is pierced and fried sizzling retina
burning and spitting on the now blackened, charred fovea
Holes of crumbling carbon are all that are left
charred eye-sockets of hot scorched flesh
Fusing symblepharon, your flesh turns into coke
extravasative gunge now black, pungent smoke.
charred eye-sockets - horrifically pernicious
your sight irreparable by your optician
Once flowing blood is now dried, resembling black pudding
now all that bleeds is a slow trickle of hot, sticky muscle.
the sclera is a lump of carbon burning on smouldering membrane
your eyeballs are blistering, your optic nerves now aflame.