Letra de Feast on dismembered carnage


Letra de Feast on dismembered carnage de Carcass
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( Carcass )

Bodies dismembered, corpses desecrated
carcasses liquidized and minced with hatred
brains are splattered, strewn limbs and heads
blood has been spurted as the arteries were shredded
Eyes have been impaled, flayed skin in strips
intestines and guts from the body have been ripped
stench of sweet blood, bones have been crunched
festering gore is eaten for lunch
Parasitic carnivorous carrion, your gastrointestinal tract,
your prey's cremator
bloody neo-cannibalistic, bloodfeed masticator
rigor sanguined fleshfeast, gourging on festered entrails and warm meat
devouring cold offal, necro-sentient mortis feed
Mutilated organs, the meat-cleaver is raised
falls to mash the head and rip up the face
throats slit with vengeance, flesh stripped to the bone
your death is terrible, painful and slow
Drooling palate
terrible odorous mess
the repulsive stench
of roasting flesh
Sterile carnage, dried sanguined personae desecration
scooping out the entrails, violent entrail emancipation
the taste of violent gorge hot on your breath
digesting the succulent corpse in your succous death