Letra de Veronica (ingles)

Caramelos De Cianuro

Letra de Veronica (ingles) de Caramelos De Cianuro
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( Caramelos De Cianuro )

Took more than four days without leaving the house
smoking and sleep, I begin to feel trapped
maybe if I can get away from the TV
get into the elevator, I feel a little better
Well you know I´m the quiet type
and I have shown you
so is to start your interrogation
I know that you are entitled to much more than sex
so I ask forgiveness
Pre chorus:
I´m always saying everything has its time
While we can wait one more day
looking to the past you have waited too
and I am surprised to realize that even these
Wake me up veronica
at the break of day
and make me feel the happiness of loving you again
asleep between the sheets haye your scent
your presence that looks a moment nothing more
I know the songs are carried by the wind
is the only thing I have to but I can give?
veronica remeber after all
there should be any way I to pay you