Letra de Misteriosa (ingles)

Caramelos De Cianuro

Letra de Misteriosa (ingles) de Caramelos De Cianuro
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( Caramelos De Cianuro )

On the night more horrifying and mysterious
The young lady ran to the countryside single holy site
Never knew because she was going to look
Putidra meat at the bottom of a foza.

Increased a slope to the grave latest
And so came to a couple with a tragic end
Moved from the marble stoned sepulchral
Before the sarcophagus was present and if
The coffin was made by piece the girl in her arms fearlessness
Then the corpse replied:
Aaaahhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhhh


Today, I am as hard as I love hard
Tonight I will kill pleasure I assure you.
Today I am so stiff I love so stiff
So long that I am not with anyone I confess.

And stayed together between the penumbra
When death separates them together again
She did not return alive with quizo
Slept forever with her lover ultratumba.
The coffin made piece fearlessness in the girl
His arms then the corpse replied:


My chest is empty land in the throat with only
Although I am a little too cold sometimes I feel alone
Stay with me here not everything is as it seems
Stay with me here not everything is as it seems.