Letra de Suffer my disbelief

Callenish Circle

Letra de Suffer my disbelief de Callenish Circle
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Letra de Suffer my disbelief de Callenish Circle.

( Callenish Circle )

I'm hearing your reproachful words / within seconds my rage is blackening me
out / this feeling is way too much for me / i'm crying out my disbelief /
can't handle you showing discontent / after all this time you do not know me
at all / can't you just handle the truth / you're letting me down
forevermore / reality becoming crystal-clear / don't bother me with your
pathetic dreams / you stigmatised my fate / i would die for seeing you
suffer my disbelief / this is the end of the line / not endless after all /
you've got to get away from here / far away from here

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