Letra de Who you say you are

Britt Nicole

Letra de Who you say you are de Britt Nicole
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( Britt Nicole )

You know my name
I know You wrote my story
But there are days
I can´t see a happy ending
No, no
Life get´s hard
Sometimes it just hurts
It´s kicking me down and throwing me curves
When I feel the rain
I won´t be afraid

´Cause I know, I know, I know You are who You say You are
Who You say You are
You are the one still standin´ when everything is fallin´ apart
Yeah, You got my heart
I´ll still be smilin´ when the sky is dark
´Cause I believe that You are who You say You are

I´ve had control
But I didn´t know where I was going
I went down my road
But my road just left me broken, yeah
I see it all now
I don´t know how
But there´s never been a time that You let me down
Or walked away, so I´m not afraid

Life´s gonna knock me down
It´s not gonna keep me down
I´m gonna trust You know in every season
I know You´re here
I know You´re for me
I know that joy comes in the morning
God, I believe it now
God, I believe You now

You´re who You say You are
When life knocks me down
I won´t stay down
I´ll get back up on my feet now
You´re more than a conqueror