Letra de Look my way

Britny Fox

Letra de Look my way de Britny Fox
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( Britny Fox )

With the lightening comes a time
And I know
Lord I know
I see the changes come in you Baby
And I know
Lord I know

Just want to give it back
All I took from you
I got a lot
To see it through

When you look my way
I´m livin´ higher than my yesterday
When you look my way
I see the love that´s comin´ back to me

Once you feel you got a part
You gotta go
You gotta go
Did you ever see a smile?
Kicks it off
And it takes you home

Lookin´ back on all the pain
I put you through
I´d die a thousand times
To make it up to you

Take apart the feelings in your way
Move along you´ll live for everyday
New tomorrow´s comin´ all for you
Don´t let the past rule if you win or lose