Letra de Black and white

Britny Fox

Letra de Black and white de Britny Fox
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( Britny Fox )

Liplock warrior only got a story
Her laser lies cuttin´ you through
Woman don´t you waste it only wanna taste it
No-talk session for you

Sex-ya on the red line lookin´ lookin´ so fine
She´s comin´ again
Struttin´ down a backstreet a walk that makes you wanna eat
Sweet-treat lover to lend for you--

Backbreak tales push you to the rails
Angel flyin´ high in the sky
Underground terror takin her share
Getcha baby everytime

Stadium sexpot she´ll rock your sox off
Then she´s runnin´ your mouth
Listening to you
No clue - No clout

You tell the truth you tell a lie
Which one is it gonna be tonight?
You tell the truth you tell a lie
With you girl it´s never black and white

Dazzle me later cut loose trader
Lashing nuclear tongue
Kickin´ out slander losin´ your gander
Shuttin´ you off you´re done

Thine sensation phony aberration drinkin´ up all your lies
So cut me like a saw, love me like 2 girls and I let it slide