Letra de Angel in my heart

Britny Fox

Letra de Angel in my heart de Britny Fox
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( Britny Fox )

Friday night I´m with the boys at a local bar.
Walks in this girl, so divine, I think I´m gonna stay a while.

She walked across the room with her high heels on
she let her hair on down down down
I felt I´d known her before, I think I´ll ask her for,
before she walks out the door.

So baby don´t go, don´t go, an angel in my heart.
So baby don´t go, don´t go you´re an angel in my heart, yeah.

I said take a seat on next to me, I think I need to see your smile.
My heart´s keepin´ a beat with the record machine
as crazy as it sounds so far.

I´d like to walk you home, I´d like to cheer you up,
I´ll be there to help you through.
If you need to know, I´ll be happy to show,
so baby don´t ever go.