Letra de The hood


Letra de The hood de Brisco
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Letra de The hood de Brisco.

( Brisco )

(Feat. Lil Wayne)

[Courus: x2]
I´m in the hood, I´m in the, I´m in the hood.
I´m in the hood, I´m in the, I´m in the hood.
I´m in the hood, I´m in the, I´m in the hood.
Just sayin´ if u look´n 4 me...I´m in the hood.

[Verse 1: Brisco]
I´m posted on the corner, twisting that good
I got that all black dickie on, i´m keepin it hood.
What it is, I´m the Obalocka boom
Got work in the trap, and the Chevy droppin soon.
See Cash Money rubberbands e´m, bands e´m
Since I got the deal, I got girls say´n he so handsome.
I´m a Dave County, Yorker Boy
I earn stripes, I got soldiers that´ll flop you 4 it.
Now I´m bouncin with a hood rat
She think I love her, but I use her 4 her food stamps.
Mr. Ghetto, It´s whateva, you group it, I´m shootin
And don´t worry about them smokers, we keepin it movin.
I know Cubans that knows O´s
If I ask for it, they send it by the boat load.
Weezy Wee, I think it´s a wrap
And If you need me, you know where to find me at.
I´m in the hood.

[Courus x2]

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Uptown New Orleans, like always
Cash Money boy, shine like bald heads.
Big Bezel make my watch look like a hog head
And all I do is smoke trees, call me log head.
I´m butter on the bread like Parkay
And I am all about me like Do Re
I´m in the hood, i´m the hood like Dope, Yay
Nappy ass hair like Buckwheat, Otay.
Hollygrove, Ether St. be my damn hood
Where you can get murdered for free like can goods.
I got 12 Barbaros under the lam hood
I can bring a Kentucky Derby to the damn hood.
Sunshine diamonds help me tan good
And I´ll let it blow like a band wood.
I call Briscoe, I´m on South Beach
30 mins. later, Obalocka is where I´ll be.

[Courus x2]

[Verse 3: Brisco]
Like Kroger cups, watered juice, pickled eggs, and pig feet
If you got beef, you know just where to find me.
I´m in the hood, or better yet, the projects
Where baby mama´s trippin and them goons livin heartless.
3 rules, Get money, don´t tell
and if that Welfare check come late, raise hell.
I´m a poor boy, I ain´t got shit
And I hope they don´t tell Baby, I´ma hit me a lick.
[Lil Wayne:]
Man, I´m so Hollygrove
Stand strong in that water like a Commodor.
Black holes in yo´ white tee, Dominoes
Me and Briscoe, Cash Money carnivores.
I am New Orleans like carnivals
And in the hood, call me Weezy the honorable.
These other rappers so ironicle
And if I ain´t in the mansion then I´m up in the Phantom or...