Letra de Yours for life


Letra de Yours for life de Bread
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( Bread )

Yours for lifebread(david gates)in this day and age where changes happen twice as fastsometimes i get wonderin' if anything will lastpeople changin' partners like they change their underwear maybe i'm old-fashioned but darlin' i still care.chorusand i'm yours for lifecome and be my lifetime come and take the love i have for only oneyes i'm yours for life come and share my lifetimeshare the world until our day is done. time that i first saw your face i loved you where you stoodin your eyes a kindness - told me you were goodand if the world could share your heart there'd never be a warand darlin' if i tried and tried i could not love you morechorussometime i pray that you will always be the way you alwaysare to me'cause if i lost you to the winds of change then i would cease to be.