Letra de Look at meb


Letra de Look at meb de Bread
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Letra de LOOK AT MEB de BREAD.

( Bread )

Look at mebread(david gates)i'm driftin' down the streetasking of all i meetdon't you know me from somewherehazel eyes and curly hair have you seen me anywherelook at mei'm blending into the walland i wonder if i'm really here at alltime goes byso do ibut no one blinks an eyemirrors aren't reflecting melaws aren't protectingand no one's expecting meon the edgei feel like i'm going to falland i wonder if i'll never land at wellloneliness comes and staystorturing nights and dayspeople stare but cannot speakhearts are strongbut tongues are weakmaybe all our minds are meeklook at mei'm fading into the floorand wonder if i'm living anymore.