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Letra de Tecolote de Bread
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( Bread )

Tecolotebread(david gates)voodoo woman made a doll of meand ever since then i been in miseryshe said i did her pretty little daughter badand ever since then she's been driving me madlet me go, let me go, tecoloteset me free, let me be, tecolotedrums keep beatin' in my head all nightpoltergeists knockin' on my left and rightpain and a fever running 103just because her daughter wants to marry merather die, rather die than get marriedlet me go, tell her no, tell her no(solo)you heard my story and you now know whya strange old woman makes a grown man cryand next time a pretty pretty turns your headyou better take a look at her mother insteadlet me go, let me go, tecolotelet me be, set me free, let me free