Letra de Benkei

Boy Hits Car

Letra de Benkei de Boy Hits Car
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Letra de Benkei de Boy Hits Car.

( Boy Hits Car )

You're so beautiful...
like a tire.
you're always locked up by yourself.
wasn't there when you died.
I didn't get to bury you...
i didn't get to bury... *look at you* -
One last time
You're so beautiful...
you're beautiful...
First i'll wait
*these patches are blown.*
*the system is in my heart.*
are you happier now?
You know i loved you...
but i think i love you more -
Now that you're gone...
Oh, you're beautiful
you're so beautiful...
When you ran through the fields...
with all those pretty flowers
that smelt good.
Got to run... through the fields.
had to run... do you run?
You're so beautiful...
(bring me back to the fields... 'cause i'm *losing power.*)