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Blues Traveler

Letra de Hook de Blues Traveler
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( Blues Traveler )

Hook blues traveleralbum: fourit doesn't matter what i sayso long as i sing with inflectionthat makes you feel that i'll conveysome inner truth of vast reflectionbut i've said nothing so far and i can keep it up for as long as it takesand it don't matter who you areif i'm doing my job then it's your resolve that breaks1-because the hook brings you back i ain't tellin' you no lie the hook brings you back on that you can relythere is something amiss, i am being insincerein fact i don't mean any of thisstill my confession draws you nearto confuse the issue i refer to familiar heroes from long agono matter how much peter loved herwhat made the pan refuse to grow(rpt 1...was the)suck it in, suck it in, suck it inif you're rin tin tin or anne boleynmake a desperate move or else you'll win and then begin to seewhat you're doing to me this mtv is not for freeit's so pc it's killing meso desperately i sing to thee of lovesure but also rage and hate and pain and fear of selfand i can't keep these feelings on the shelfi've tried well no in fact i liedcould be financial suicide but i've gottoo much pride inside to hide or slidei'll do as i'll decide and let it ride until i've diedand only then shall i abide this tideof catchy little tunes of hip three minute dittiesi wanna bust all your balloonsi wanna burn all of your cities to the ground i've foundi will not mess aroundunless i play then heyi will go on all day hear what i sayi have a prayer to praythat's really all this wasand when i'm feeling stuck and need a bucki don't rely on lunch because...(rpt 1)source: cc from snl (sept. 30) and [email protected]