Letra de Price to pay

Blues Traveler

Letra de Price to pay de Blues Traveler
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( Blues Traveler )

Standing here with a tale to tell
I might as well tell to you
Nothing near wagnerian
As terminator two
Its an old one about a little dirt farm girl
Who wanted to get out for good
Shed do anything to keep that dream
Shed do anything she could

Who was she
To feel so free
With her heart on her sleeve
She just couldnt believe...

There was a price to pay

Her very first chance to escape that year
Came when the circus had come to town
She wound up in bed and quite madly in love
With some rubber nose juggling clown
He promised hed return for her come next spring
And he swore that he wouldnt forget
Needless to say come the following may
More than her appetite was getting wet
She proceeded unheeded and quite undefeated
To the trailer behind the tents
And her heart began to scar at his trailer door
She was gonna go wherever he went

He arrived at last about half past
With a girl under every arm
But all of this in itself could have been innocent as hell
But what began to cause her alarm
Was when he locked the door behind him like she always bee
She was standing alone in the dirt
And her eyes were so dry that she began to cry
And something began to hurt
She wanted to tear the hair out of her head
Yeah and she wanted to wish that she was dead
But a voice in her just would not let her drop
And her heart began to break but it didnt stop

Run all youre races
And dont you fear
You and i
Are getting out of here
And well survive
That i guarrantee
Cause you dont need much
When all you have is me.

She listened to the little voice in her
And then she hit the road
Free at last and with just a tiny scar
And finally on her own
No one knows what became of her
All we know is she got away
And though there really aint no guarantees down here
I like to think she did okay


That theres a price to pay(4x)