Letra de Just say no

Blue System

Letra de Just say no de Blue System
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( Blue System )

What goes on ?
Oh baby, tell me when the sun goes down
Eleven candles telling maybe you´ll leave this town
Tell me are you really ended
Tell me like a friend
I´ll help you just the way
I´m helping to leave the mystic train

Just say no, baby no, you´re not welcome anymore
Just say no, baby no, if you try forbidden doors
Oh, i never wake again, i´ve got my heartache again again
I can make a promisy
Love is not a memory
Baby, you´re not from this town
Oh, get way a little long
Baby, wake up from the smoke
Oh, my baby just say no

How are you telling me a story
And the strong survive
This guy is crying but don´t worry
There´s a better life
Oh, don´t take me just for granted
If you tell me lies
I help you - trust me babe
Find your paradise