Letra de Lucifer

Blue System

Letra de Lucifer de Blue System
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( Blue System )

In room 66 - the devil is playing against me
At the end of the world - there´s a place called the hell
On flight number 9 - there´s smoke without fire
Oh, we promised ourself - you lost underground
And sail alone

Don´t shake - oh baby don´t shake hands with lucifer
Take your chance - ´cause baby all dreams will be crucified
Oh oh - don´t play with lucifer
He catch you if you fall
Hear the words from heaven
Don´t play with lucifer
Don´t you hear him call
Can´t you see his raven

In room 66 - he´s fighting with humans
A man without face - try to win every race
On highway 62 - there´s is the end of a journey
Oh it´s self mystery
Babe, without key - set my heart free