Letra de Trojan horse

Bloc Party

Letra de Trojan horse de Bloc Party
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( Bloc Party )

You used to take your watch off before we made love
You didn´t want to share our time with anyone
You used to close your eyes when we kissed goodbye
You didn´t want to see me draped in sadness
And now there´s nothing here, now there´s nothing here at all
In a loft conversion off new north road
You were here I was here there was something real here
I know there was

You know I still adore you
But in a different kind of way
You know I still adore you
But things have gotten vague
Baby I don´t ask for much but things have gotten convenient
You know I still adore you but things, have kind of changed

And to think I laughed at you
For how you saw the world, with all that empty space inside your hear
I have to cling to things now, doubles and cigarettes
Forever trying to find you on the lips, of someone else

Just take me back, to the start
When your earthquake, was just cracks
You must ask yourself everyday
Just how high, are the highs