Letra de Silver speak


Letra de Silver speak de Blindside
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( Blindside )

They spoke their minds
as i stood there smiling
this brain understood their arguments
so i just stood there
keep on smiling
cause it's not on me they're throwing their darts
so why are they heading this way for my heart?
How come i'm the one bleeding
when you're the one being cut
and every stabbing word about you stings
An allergic reaction towards all of this
have to respond, although without an answer back
and i throw everything back into their face
hear my own stupid sentences and i have lost track
You have strength beyond words
and you have communication beyond my words
This battle is not mine
i try to forget
every time they spit your name out on the sidewalk
and i will let the candle shine inside me without any regret
but where's your voice in all my talk
I'm an ant trying to protect my dinosaur friend