Letra de Down holiday

Blank Logic

Letra de Down holiday de Blank Logic
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Letra de Down holiday de Blank Logic.

( Blank Logic )

Verse 1: im sick of everyone i know, telling me i'll
Never, have a chance with you.
because i swear to god the way you look at me sometimes.
i know were meant to be.
Pre-chorus: maybe i'll keep this in my mind 'cause no
One thinks it's right for me to let you know.
every time that you walk bye another piece of me dies,
thinking of what we could have had.
Chorus: i love you even though i cannot tell the world.
but in my heart your still my girl.
time will tell us if our love was really meant to be.
but for now i'll just wait patiently.
Verse 2: your face is weighing heavy on my heart,
and im sick and tired of being worlds apart.
and i bet right now im looking at you at our show.
and i want you to know, this songs about you.

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