Letra de Yours fatally

Big Brovaz

Letra de Yours fatally de Big Brovaz
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( Big Brovaz )

I thought that this was for real
i thought that you were the one
believe every word you said and now it's come undone
it's got so complicated
i know i can't explain it
your all i need and i'll always be
yours fatally
Verse 1
(lost) lost for a while in denial
how you fooled me played with my mind
why did you it? what did i do to deserve this?
hurt from pain over and over and over again
You know you've got me weaker
intoxicated now
so i'll just keeping playing the games you laid out
ooh what about us? i just can't gige you up
even though it's hurting baby
i'll do anything to feel your touch
Verse 2
Damn how did i let it get this?
i shouldda never kissed or got intamate wit this chick
i wish she would see that our affair is over with
she's telling me her hearts broken she'll never get over it
my girlfriends like whos that texting is?
why you go outside and check your messages?
i couldn't tell her i was messing this chick
but she called back and made it obvious
screaming this
Repeat bridge
repeat chorus
Verse 3
Man i felt i put a chick down why did i stray?
why did i play? now what do i say?
her names every day on my caller display
telling me she all in love and i can't get away
so i called her begging her to leave me alone
i said i got a wife and we in the zone
right then i could sense a change in her tone
thats when she started crying all crazy on the phone
Repeat chorus