Letra de Chantilly lace

Big Bopper

Letra de Chantilly lace de Big Bopper
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( Big Bopper )

Chantilly lacethe big bopper(telephone rings)hello baby, yeah, this is the big bopper speakinha ha ha ha ha, oh you sweet thingdo i what?will i what?oh baby you know what i likechorus: chantilly lace and a pretty faceand a pony tail a hangin downthat wiggle in the walk and giggle in the talkmakes the world go roundthere ain't nothin in the worldlike a big eyed girlthat makes me act so funnymake me spend my moneymake me feel real loose like a long necked gooselike a girl, oh baby that's what i likewhat's that baby, but, but, butohhhhhh honeybutÂ…..oh baby you know what i likechoruswhat's that honeypick you up at 8 and don't be latebut baby, i ain't got no money honeyha ha ha ha haoh alright baby, you know what i likechorustranscribed by lou ann

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