Letra de Dance everyone dance

Betty Madigan

Letra de Dance everyone dance de Betty Madigan
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Letra de Dance everyone dance de Betty Madigan.

( Betty Madigan )

Dance everyone dancebetty madiganover the valley voices are singingbells are a ringingdance everyone dancecome to the valleyrun through the cloverharvest is overdance everyone dancedance where the corn was highunder a full moon skydance where the wine was borndance everyone dancewhirl and turnaboutlift up your arms and shoutjoin hands and skip alongdance everyone danceturn left, turn right, hold tightlift your feet your heart will followlift your voice till they hollerlift your wings like the swallowfly away, free todaydance, dance everybody dancedance, dance, dance, dancerepeat from 2nd verse twiceeverybody dance

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