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Letra de Found de Beloved
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Letra de Found de Beloved.

( Beloved )

Well, tell me one thing; Is there madness in this reason?
And tell me something that I never knew before.
The consequences of my actions aren´t confusing;
They´re just wanting the direction that I´ve never had before.
I was happy, now I´m walking on the water.
I was laughing, now I´m floating in the air, ´cause I found you.

These gut reactions are the best thing you can go by.
Premonitions are the second, that´s for sure.
(That´s for sure, whoooah.)
I´m caught by your eyes; They just surprised me, overpowered me.
I stand here waiting in the calm before the storm.
I´m delerious -- as happy as you´re crazy.
It´s nothing serious or difficult to cure, ´cause I found you.

Yeah, I found you.

Your smile is like the ocean, your kiss the seven seas.
Your eyes like magic potions; They just enrapture me.
I promise my affection for all eternity.
You are my resurrection. You mean the world to me.