Letra de Otis

Becky G

Letra de Otis de Becky G
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Letra de OTIS de BECKY G.

( Becky G )

If everybody gettin´
one shot I ain´t missin´
yeah uh, 15 nope not yet
I´ve been waitin´ for my time on deck
2 brothers, a little sister, i wish the money
from my deal would come a little quicked
My daddy´s workin´bo hours a week
I love him more then I´m lovin´ this beat

What up Kanye
I was signed one when i was i 6th grade
Now i´m spillin´ out my life on this mixtape
I rushed in too anxious, it me down like, two anchors
the wrong label, the wrong time,
feeling like a prisoner for such a long time
i made music that i didn´t love singin´
it just wasn´t me what was i thinkin´

I was just a kid more then just a kid
i am still, so many headches
Could a singed a deel with that bill
So i sat back, had to wait it out
i kept writing till that old track, faded out
it cost money that my family didn´t have
i´m just keepin´ it real
i nerver lie to my fans

And everybody makes mistakes, it´s okey
i was feelin´ like beyonce with no Jay, lost
But i kept on practisin´ I keep rappinn´
even tried my hand at actressin´
and now i´m finally free
i can get to know the world
its becky, Becky G get to know your girl

No hook, save that for the radio
Jam told me to kill em´ on that beat
so away we go, 30 bars, 1 take, 10 hours in the studio, 1 break
i´m in work mode, i got my life a head
whenever everybody went left i wen, right instead

change looks everyday like so what
tell me what i cant do, i´m like oh hush
and my first single "LA" get it first
power 106 did the verse without rehears