Letra de Alleycat spoiled brat


Letra de Alleycat spoiled brat de Bastardz
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Letra de Alleycat spoiled brat de Bastardz.

( Bastardz )

Hey baby I´m packin´ you in
Let me tell you what I know about sin
CanÂ?t wait Â?til I see you again


C´mon baby show me what you´ve got
The way you make me feel hotter than hot
I´m coming ready or not

All night

You always, get
All the things you want
Just like an alleycat spoiled brat

You´re an angel but you´ve sold your soul
For a little bit of Rock N´Roll
I´m the devil baby don´t you know

That´s right

You never heard what your mama said
Your dad knew the slut he had
When he found what´s under your bed

Yeah right
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