Letra de From his woman to you

Barbara Mason

Letra de From his woman to you de Barbara Mason
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( Barbara Mason )

From his woman to youbarbara mason"hello barbara, this is shirleyi would like you to know that the man ...now wait a minute shirleyi'm a young womanand can't aford to all the things you do for this mani don't even have a joband i can't buy his clothes, pay his car notesand i surely can't keep money in his pocketbut i can give him what he needs, when he needs itand that's all he expects from me"i can give him lovefrom his woman to youthere is a thing or two i'd like to sayi don't care who claims this mani'm gonna love him in a way ...woman to womanhe spent last night with mestayed here cause this is where he wanted to befrom his woman to youi've got to make itjust play as i canseems to me you're doing to much for the manfrom his woman to youthat you begging lovingit's giving up yourselfand i feel sorry for you, i feel sorry for youi don't mind sharingif you don't bother mei won't bother youfrom his woman to youi don't know what you're gonna, gonna dobut he is giving to mewhat he is getting from youwoman to womanthat's the truthfrom his woman to youseems like you're the fooli'm his only womanand i love himand i ain't about to give him upi'm his only woman, woman to womani just wanna let you knowthat i ain't gonna never, never let him gowoman to woman, i'm his only womanfrom: "mauricio medeiros" <[email protected]>

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