Letra de Venomous


Letra de Venomous de Barathrum
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( Barathrum )

Behold the blood of sacrifice it's running from the altar
the altar of sacrifice, offering for dark ones, dark ones of abyss.
hear my words of invocation, invocation for the demons, come and serve me now
serve me now like servants always do, do the work that i command within
this rite, this rite with blood sacrifice i execute, i execute for the purposes
of my own blood of sacrifice is the price i pay, i pay it for you demons of
hell, the hell on earth for my enemies, my enemies you should take care of
take care of them, my demon servants, i pay this price for you in my rite
this rite of blood of sacrifice. so now, give the hell for enemy. oh satan,
the prince of darkness of hell what to do, for you demons now, i tell
give torture, nightmares, sleepless nights, for my enemy, that's why i
pay the price. oh lilith, show your finger nails, by them rip the
flesh during days that my enemy can't take a rest, now do your work
to serve my best. oh lucifer, bring the light to dark, when my enemy
needs the rest. keep your flame so bright that he can not rest, to keep
him just awake. oh tiemnes make my enemy to suffer. by your lightning
keep him awake. of morpheus, enter to the life so ruined, and help my
enemy to final dream. but during the final sleep of my enemy, i ask you
dark gods to turture him to wake him to understand those things that he
made for me to ruin my life. i praise you dark gods of abyss and i
execute this infernal rite of blood. blood is the payment for your work,
now i wait for you to serve me well. give the hell for enemy, show the power
of mine. make him suffer and let him know that he can not play with fire
fire of hell, is what he needs, so burn him slowly and make him feel, the
torture from the immortals, the demonic whip what my enemy needs.
so now demons do you work so infernal, and i hope that you'll be gone
when your work is done finally and my enemy got the rest of grave
so it is done!