Letra de Revenge by magick


Letra de Revenge by magick de Barathrum
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( Barathrum )

By this rite i ask you my demon friends
to fill my enemy's soul with scorpions...
Through the mist, through the air
i summon thee my demon friends
fly my friends up from hell
come here friends, serve me well
by my words, and my rite
magic sword raises in the night
candle flames, incense smoke
magic ways, boundless and huge
For you demons of abyss
i pay the price of sacrifice
so do this infernal service
for my acclaimed need
as i am the sorcerer
you are my slaves
as my magick is black
i command you by your names
Push the dagger into his heart
turn it in that deepest wound
torture well, bring the hell
for my enemy... make them fear!
i ask you demons for this task
for that deed i pay the price
the sacrifice for your service
demon friends so