Letra de Necromantical ritual


Letra de Necromantical ritual de Barathrum
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( Barathrum )

Here i am for nocturnal necromancy
for the dark magick to perform my rite
ancient knowledge studied from those old books
written by sorcerers, written in blood
I am necromancer, i'm questioning deceased
magick of necromancy at night on the graves
living human beings i can not trust to them
as i trust to dead ones, raised from their graves
Soil of the graveyard moved by shovel
oaked lid of coffin, i find from that hole
at the dead of the night cross-screws open
in moon light
i move the lid of casket, there's white-heared dead
Those magic circles around this grave
and casted spells in the air
my magic wand on dead i lay
wake up, you dead, and obey
answer for my questions now
with your grim voice speak out loud
i command you by infernal names
for you to obey my orders
necromancer that's what i am
i raise the dead by magic spell
i ask the questions from the dead
i'm nocturnal necromancer
Necromantic ritual...!