Letra de Helluva agitator


Letra de Helluva agitator de Barathrum
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Letra de Helluva agitator de Barathrum.

( Barathrum )

It is time to tell (hell)
i came from the hell (hell)
hell is my home (hell)
wicked my soul (hell)
i'm greedy for blood (hell)
oh yes, and a lot (hell)
the most twisted kind (hell)
is my evil mind
Now listen if you dare, i'm most evil nightmare
i call saints to sin, and always, yes, i win
innocence i ruin, i ask all you to join
join this hellish feast of the inferno's beast
Some day i'll return to where fire burns
the twisting, hot flames playing fiery games
i will fly back to home with my wicked soul
so listen me wll, have fun and go to hell

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