Letra de Ravens


Letra de Ravens de Barathrum
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( Barathrum )

Two black birds
flying to the north
on the sky so high
i can see
Like black arrows they fly
through the clowds of sky
with winds they fly
through the sky
When i have spilled enough
blood of my enemies
i will follow those birds
harbinger birds
Those birds with black eyes
and black feathers
from the great halls
of valhalla
they'll lead me to my goal of destiny
I go for the battle
from battle to battle
raven harbingers
they'll lead me to my destiny
I wait for the enter
the gates of valhalla
two raven harbingers will
lead me through those gates
When it's time to leave
my weapons behind
to take my helmet off
to leave my armour
I will follow those birds
through the majestic gates
after final war
for myself
On the battlefields
i fight til death
to reach my destiny
to enter the gates of valhalla
I will fight
til my time has come to die
then those ravens will hear
my last war cry