Letra de Best years of our lives

Baha Men

Letra de Best years of our lives de Baha Men
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Letra de Best years of our lives de Baha Men.

( Baha Men )

I get such a thrill
when you look in my eyes
my heart skips a beat, girl
i feel so alive
please tell me baby
if all this is true
'cause deep down inside
all i wanted was you
Oh, makes me wanna dance
oh, it's a new romance
oh, i look into your eyes
oh, best years of our lives!
When we first met
i could hardly believe
the things that would happen
that we could achieve
so let's be together
for all of our time
we'll go out so thankful
that you are still mine
My world's a better place
'cause i know you're mine
this love is so real
and it's no surprise
Come on and say yeah!
i got a song
'cause through the years
i'll be right by your side
See, you always consider me
like a ogre, nothing
and treat me
like a notre dame
i says why
i helped you keep my shine on
a perky little something
to keep my mind on
'cause you had my mind gone
Ah, ah, ah
turn the lights on
come on baby
let's just rewind the song
'cause all i wanna do is make
the rest years the best years
all night long
Chorus (x2)

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