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Bad Company

Letra de Bad company de Bad Company
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( Bad Company )

Bad companybad companycompany always on the rundestiny is the rising sunoh i was born 6-gun in my hand behind a gun i'll make my final standthat's why they call me bad company and i can't denybad company till the day i die till the day i dietill the day i dierebel souls deserters we are called chose a gun and threw away the sunnow these towns they all know our name 6-gun sound is our claim to famei can hear them say bad company and i won't denybad bad company till the day i die till the day i diesolobadbad company i can't deny bad company till the day i dieand i say it's bad company oh yeah---yeahbad company till the day i die oh yeah tell me that you are not a thiefoh but i am bad company it's the way i play dirty for dirtyoh somebody double-crossed me double-cross double-crossyeah we're bad company kill in cold blood