Letra de Someway, somehow

Bachelor Girl

Letra de Someway, somehow de Bachelor Girl
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( Bachelor Girl )

For all of the days when the world seems crazy
all of the nights when you cry alone
for all of the times when your heart's in trouble
facing the storm and you're on your own
Someway, somehow
even though i feel so helpless now
i know your love will see me through somehow
someway, somehow
as you turn to me and say
somehow love will show us the way
All of the times when it's such as struggle
all of the heartache you've ever know
and when the tears seem to come so easy
there's just no joy that you can call your own
When i need a beacon to guide the way
when i fell too weary to face the day
trying to make it through the darkest hour
you can turn to love and feel it's power....
I know love will see us through
someway, somehow

choruses out

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