Letra de Hearts for bullets


Letra de Hearts for bullets de Ayria
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Letra de Hearts for bullets de Ayria.

( Ayria )

Spit it out, it tastes unfamiliar
Bite your tongue,
Before she shuts you up
What can you do now
When she wants you to fall down
She´ll do the same again
No more girl next door
Actions with no remorse
Burned up and marked for death
She´s watching you
As you hold your breath
Blink and blink again
Petty hearts are no ones friend
True sin lies within her

She uses her heart for bullets
She can´t love you, just wants a reaction,
But don´t give in, deny satisfaction
There´s no love in her
She just used her heart for a bullet

Want to forget but you just can´t help it
Unfazed, grip´s tight, she´ll make you break
What are the side effects
When another heart it starts to defect
And there´s no warranty


I think we´ve met the enemy
Conquest is on her mind today
She can´t help it
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