Letra de My addiction

Away From Here

Letra de My addiction de Away From Here
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Letra de My addiction de Away From Here.

( Away From Here )

...As I sit back
Watching by
Yourself inside
Inside of my mind
Wrapped into your thoughts
Into my mind
We´ve got to fight
These hands of time
Love in my heart
Head held high
Never hurt you
Or set you aside
Flash me that smile just so I
Can lose my self
Lose everything to that smile

And you will become my addiction
Striving for just one more
One more minute, month, year with you
When the fire´s nearing the end
I will not forget you

Build me a castle
Just so I
Can break down those walls
Meet you on the outside
Write you a song
Just so I
Can have an everlasting moment
That will make you cry...
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