Letra de Serpent

Autumn Leaves

Letra de Serpent de Autumn Leaves
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Letra de Serpent de Autumn Leaves.

( Autumn Leaves )

Oh, the pain is getting so immense
to casualty of man-made innocence
the horror dwells in dormancy
the sickness grows viciously
Your soul's eroding
you've lost control
the malformation in hideous
The weakened kind, deceased and frail
will answer to their conscience in the end
relentless, there's no remedy
decrepit souls all bludgeoned by their fate
Inflicted by the immortality we enforce upon the weak
left to rot in a body
already dead, but still alive
Towards salvation, towards the end of life
towards what seems to be the deception of mankind
As you await your own demise
you gather the pieces left behind
frustration tears your soul apart
leaving everlasting scars
Your souls eroding you've lost control,
the malformation is hideous
Fouled by the serpent
blinding your eyes leaving truth so distant
searching for life you now is gone but the hope is there
degenerate the souls of the mentally numb and sickened
driven beyond all that is real for your own retribution