Letra de Sweet lubally

Australian Blonde

Letra de Sweet lubally de Australian Blonde
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( Australian Blonde )

Do you need tonight a sweet lullaby
to help you until the dawn?
Do you remember the way that you cried?
You saw that all hope was gone.

Please listen now, child, is not so bad,
this is your free day so try to sleep tight.
And see that landscapes in your mind bring you
the horizon of a new life.

If you look close though, I know it's so far,
the one that's coming is me.
I am the one that has treated you so right.
The past doesn't mean anything.

Please listen now, to the echoes of days
that we haven't live yet.
All sense of time leaves you
when you are asleep and you get lost in dreams.
So you forget about life.
I think someday we will get out of this place
to the landscapes that far away.
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