Letra de Scarlet leaves


Letra de Scarlet leaves de Ataraxia
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( Ataraxia )

Oh, mylord, you never returned
i was waiting for you my love
You told me to see
the scarlet leaves, the scarlet leaves
when they had fallen on the earth
you would have returned
you would have returned
Oh mylord, now i'm laying on the ground
i'm still waiting for you, my love
oh mylord, now i'm laying on the cold ground
and i'm still waiting for you, my love
Now i fell the scarlet leaves
flying over me, flying over me
please, please, come to me
and spread my ashes among scarlet leaves
I would like to flutter with them
i would like to have wings
i would like to feel breeze and air
i would like to be wind
Seasons have passed and i'm still alone
in the breeze in the snow, my love
With the eyes of my soul
i will nevermore
see scarlet leaves
the feeble eyes of my soul
now they are closed
i will never return
Oh, mylord, now that you've returned
i'll never return